Theo & Anna – Malvern East, VIC

“It is only possible to accept a job like this, when you can rely on the suppliers and trades to step up and support you” – Ian, Builder

Project TypeConversion of en-suite into accessible bathroom, in 1930s bungalow home.
RequirementsSpeed – Works started 9 December, needing to complete before Christmas, so the elderly owner could return to live at home after period in local nursing home.
Aesthetically attractive.
Why Fibo?Speed and warranty.
Traditional tile look.
Fibo ProductsDenver White with 6030 tile design.
OutcomeMinimal demolition, minimal chasing into brick walls.
Fibo installed in two days over battened out walls.
Quick rough-in and very fast fit off.
Smart looking accessible bathroom.
CommentsThe en-suite had not been updated in more than 50 years; all the walls were bulging and out of square.  It was simply not possible to undertake a full demolition and retile the walls in time available.
I had used Fibo previously and knew I could finish the work in time because there was less prep work, and I didn’t need a tiler.  The Australian Fibo distributor, helped by preparing a batten layout to improve installation efficiency.
Theo returned to live at his home on Christmas Eve and enjoyed Christmas day with his family.

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