The 3-in-One Wall Panel System

Certified under the CodeMark Australia scheme.

Why Fibo?

  • To stand out
  • To have a beautiful grout free tile finish
  • For its beautiful simplicity
  • Engineering excellence, innovation and ongoing R&D
  • To reduce cleaning effort
  • Knowing its proven, certified and the 15 year warranty

Norwegian manufactured, Scandinavian designed, Europe’s leading wall panel system.

Fibo is fitted in over 100,000 rooms every year.

Engineered as a waterproof solution for wet areas, Fibo is used as the preferred wall lining in a diverse range of rooms.

The Fibo Wall Panel System. Now used in Australia in an ever increasing range of applications.

Looking for Inspiration?

Decor Range

White to Black

Greyscale, from blinding white to pitch black.

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Monochromatic matte and high gloss.

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Heritage styled tile designs.

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A mix of raw, distressed and textured timber finishes.

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Classic marble to neutral earthy hues.

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Cool tones derived from urban structures.

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No grout tile designs.

Hate grout but love the tiled look?