Fibo is the name of a Norwegian manufacturer and the wall panel system they produce.

Fibo is one of the world’s leading suppliers of wall panels. From a technically advanced and award-winning factory in southern Norway, Fibo produces millions of precision-engineered laminated wall panels every year.

Since 1952 Fibo AS has developed and manufactured beautiful and functional wall linings.

Located in Southern Norway, Fibo started as a modest operation making building materials from locally sourced timber.

70 years of continual product development has resulted in an incredibly efficient and practical wall system.

Some of Fibo’s achievements include:

  • Inventing the ‘Aqualock’ tongue & groove, whereby panels easily ‘click’ together creating an almost seamless and watertight joint. Since being developed in 2002 by Fibo many manufacturers have tried to imitate the Aqualock click system.
  • In 2015 to satisfy growing demand, Fibo made a substantial technology investment by designing and building a purpose-built high efficiency low emissions wall panel factory.
  • By 2017 Fibo introduced a new technique that created traditional tile designs that are grout-free, by milling specially prepared laminates to fashion faux grout lines.

Norwegian made, Fibo is Scandinavia’s number one supplier of wet area wall linings.

Fibo wall panels are also used in Europe and North America where it is installed in over 100,000 bathrooms every year.

Now available in Australia, the Fibo wall panel system is a simple alternative to traditional wall linings.

Fibo and the Environment

Caring for the environment is critical to our success.

Fibo believes that the sustainable management of the resources used to produce its products is both socially responsible and commercially smart.

We insist on sustainable solutions that reduce the use of resources and materials. We only use suppliers who meet our own strict criteria for recycling every step of the way. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in everything we do.

Operating in a sustainable manner.

Fibo is committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods.

It is Fibo’s policy to encourage our employees and our entire supply chain to work with us to reduce emissions and waste. We understand the valuable contribution that our customers, suppliers and staff make in finding improvements and help us to drive improvements.

Not only is this sound commercial sense for all, it is also a matter of delivering on our duty of care to future generations.

Fibo’s policy is to:

  • To aim to always exceed any requirements of environmental legislation and codes of practice in the territories in which we operate.
  • Minimise our waste, and then reuse or recycle as much as possible.
  • Minimise energy usage in our buildings, vehicles, and processes to reduce our contribution to emissions.
  • Minimise consumption of natural resources, especially those that are not renewable.
  • Apply the principles of continuous improvement in respect of air, water, noise, and light pollution from our premises and reduce any impacts from our operations on the environment and local community.
  • Include in our design and planning stages an assessment of the potential environmental impact of new processes or products.
  • Constantly encourage our employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities where we operate to offer advice and ideas as to how we may improve and to let us know if we fail to live up to our standards.

These days environmental policies are like opinions; in that everyone has one. We believe that we should be judged not by what we say but by our deeds. We understand the valuable contribution that our customers, suppliers, and employees make in finding improvements and help us to drive improvements. Fibo offers incentives to anyone who assists us improve in the delivery of our environmental policies.

Fibo wall panels are made from certified and sustainable timber, come with its own EPD, and generate additional credits for building projects subject to environmental certification.  In Europe, Fibo is certified in accordance with BREEAM.NO , which is a certification programme for newbuilds and renovation projects. The certification is based on a points system whereby ten different areas are evaluated on factors such as the impact on design, reduced emissions, sustainability and durability, adaptation for climate change, ecological value and protecting biodiversity.

Fibo is Fibo wall panels are made from certified and sustainable timber.  Our operations and products are certified under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Our PEFC certification requires us to work to a set of standards that promotes environmentally sound and socially just management of forests.  This includes only acquiring timber from suppliers who also achieve this standard.

Fibo has an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the Fibo Wall Panel system. An EPD is an independent, verified declaration providing consumers with comparable information about the environmental impact of different products in a life cycle perspective. EPDs are based on principles and rules stipulated by the international ISO 14025 standard and are widely recognised globally. Fibo’s EPD can also be used by contractors when verifying new buildings under BREEAM.

When compared to tiling a Fibo installation:

  • Is a quarter of the weight, reducing energy required in manufacturing and transport and creating less waste.

  • Uses less detergent and other harmful chemicals reducing the impact on waterways and the cleaner.

We are determined to reduce environmental impact throughout the value chain and are therefore working continuously to cut emissions and energy consumption. We have invested NOK 140 million in new machinery and equipment in order to improve efficiency and reduce our overall energy consumption.

In 2017 we completed a major rebuild and replacement of production equipment, which has resulted in energy savings per square metre along with increased production volumes. We also improved logistics at the plant to reduce the distance the materials have to travel. Fibo is working continuously on both minor and major projects to improve our processes and reduce our environmental impact.

Our annual ESG report also provides information about what we are doing to reduce energy consumption, improve waste disposal and encourage a circular economy.

Our commitment to sustainable management is at the core of everything we do.

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