With Fibo, Less is More

Less Installation Time

Fibo is a 3-in-One system which lines and waterproofs walls, at the same time giving a beautiful décor finish. With fewer materials and no time lost between trades, Fibo is ready in a fraction of the time it takes to tile.

Less Weight

Fibo is only 25% the weight of a ceramic wall tile installation. The panel is made with a ply core sandwiched between a waterproof laminate layer and a stabilising vapour barrier

Less Environmental Impact

Scandinavian countries are world leaders in sustainable living. Fibo is a model company, evolving its operations to reduce its environmental footprint via smart supply chain management and ultra-modern manufacturing processes.

Also less weight reduces transportation emissions and dramatically reduces landfill waste.

Less Cleaning

Without grout there won’t be any unsightly mould.

The panels are durable, capable of remaining like new after decades of daily use.

Quick to clean without requiring harsh or potentially harmful chemicals.

Less Cost

Faster installation, quick to clean using fewer chemicals means substantially less cost throughout its life.

Less Risk

Fibo is CodeMark Australia certified for use in wet areas.

Backed with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Less is Definitely Best

No grout tile designs.

Hate grout but love the tiled look?

With Fibo you can have walls that appear tiled without any fuss.