The majority of Australians live in urban settings where streetscapes composed of man-made materials form the character of many neighbourhoods.

Cement and concrete are the most abundant manufactured material and the core ingredient of a metropolis. We are familiar with these materials and increasingly welcome these finishes into our homes where they offer solid yet soothing interiors.

This range offers decors with neutral tones that can be used as a backdrop to accentuate natural textures like timber and fabric

NOTE: The images represented on screen above may not provide an exact representation of each individual decor. This is particularly true of decors that are not monochromatic or are heavily patterned or have a textured finish. Monochromatic decors have an NCS reference to validate the colour. It is always best to examine a physical swatch to assess the characteristic of the actual decor before making any design decision

No grout tile designs.

Hate grout but love the tiled look?

With Fibo you can have walls that appear tiled without any fuss.