Warehoused stock will be ready to ship within three business days of receiving an order.

For special and project orders the lead time will depend on when the product will be restocked and our shipping schedules.  

Contact Sourcecorp who will be able to provide stock availability and specific delivery information.

That depends on the delivery address.  Fibo is new to Australia and while a distribution channel is being established all stock is being warehoused in Melbourne.  In Melbourne metro areas delivery will be within three business days, elsewhere in Victoria delivery will take up to five business days.

Contact Sourcecorp to discuss areas outside of Victoria.

Yes, panels can be collected from Sourcecorp.  You will need either a van, a large station wagon, a ute or a trailer.  You will need something to secure the load and if exposed to wet weather conditions a means of covering the panels during transit.

Some clients have collected panels on roof racks, which can be OK for short journeys.  However, it is not advised to use roof racks for longer trips, particularly if travelling at speed.