Fibo panels are very easy to clean and clients are generally amazed at the time saved in keeping the panels clean.

It is recommended that the Fibo System be cleaned on a regular basis with a simple wipe down using a soft cloth and a mild soap and water or any non-abrasive liquid cleaner. Any exposed sealant and profile trims should also be cleaned.

There are certain products (e.g. abrasives and bleaches) and methods of cleaning (scouring) that must not be used on Fibo panels. Failing to follow Fibo Panel Care & Cleaning Instructions may invalidate any warranty.

See ‘Fibo System Care & Maintenance Instructions’ information sheet.

This depends on the time between cleans and the area to be cleaned.  However, we are always happy to hear from clients who call to tell us how much less time they are spending cleaning when compared to the effort taken to clean and maintain tiles and grout.

See ‘Fibo System Care & Maintenance Instructions’ information sheet that contains specific details regarding the treatment of mould and mildew.

See ‘Fibo System Care & Maintenance Instructions’ information sheet that has specific details regarding maintenance.

We recommend the use of a product called COLORFILL (Unika) which is an acrylic gap filler and sealant and can be used to repair small chips or minor scratches in the laminate of the boards.

It comes in a range of colours which can be matched to the colour of your panel. This can be purchased online.

Other similar repair kits are also available.