With Fibo you can have walls that appear tiled without any fuss.

Fibo invented two methods of creating faux grout lines in laminate to offer wall panels with a Tile Design. A grout line effect is created using the art of 3D printing or by the technical precision of a CNC application to make shallow cuts through the top few layers of laminate. This CNC process is know as ‘Milling’. Fibo’s milling reveals either a white or grey layer embedded under the top finish of the laminate to form a realistic and tactile tile effect.

20 Tile Designs

From mosaic to modern metro styles.



Milled 1.8 mm wide
Anthracite, Grey or White

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Milled 3.5 mm wide

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Crescendo – 3D printed

3D 6.0 to 6.5 mm wide

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All Fibo Tile Design Panels are 100% Grout Free and Mould Resistant.

​NOTE: All decors, except those in the Traditional range are available as ‘Plain Panels’; i.e. panels without a tile design.


Fibo wall systems are made with different product components that create a simple and complete solution from start to finish.