Karma Plumbing – Preston, Victoria

“Works completed under budget and ahead of schedule. My carpenter was able to complete all walls in each shower recess in a day. My site supervisor became a Fibo convert.” – Ian, Builder

Project TypeWorkplace Shower Area – State Government Building
RequirementsA change in gender mix to a greater number of female employees required expansion of facilities within the building.
To cater for the larger number of female employees, a male toilet block was converted into a shower recess and one existing shower updated.
Low price and durability.
Why Fibo?Price and 15-year warranty.  Quick installation.  Ease of cleaning.
Works were within a secure building, which restricted the number of trades who could work on site.  Able to complete without plasterers, water-proofers and tilers.
Fibo ProductsDenver White with Marcato 600 x 300 mm tile design.
Hidden corner profiles.
OutcomeOne carpenter completed each shower enclosure in a day.
The property manager’s response was very positive, in fact he ordered Fibo for two further jobs.
CommentsVery clean looking.
Really grateful to the on-site support and work provided by Fibo’s distributor.

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