Harris Builders – Geelong, Victoria

“I think the finished look of Fibo is fantastic and I was proud to add this to my portfolio of work.” – Tom Harris

Project TypeGovernment Building – Refurbishment of Staff Facilities
RequirementsRefurbishment of male and female toilet blocks and two large shower change room areas. Total wall area 500 m2. Minimise demolition where possible.
Why Fibo?Fibo was specified by the client’s architect. We won the work through a tender process.
Fibo ProductsDenver White with 600 x 400 Fortissimo tile design.
OutcomeJob completed on time and under budget.
With training by Sourcecorp, the Australian Fibo distributor, the two installation teams (carpenter & apprentice in each team) became increasingly efficient, installing an average of 25 m2 per team per day.
Client was very happy with the result.
CommentsWe are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Sourcecorp team and for their guidance in introducing us to the new Fibo product, a product that we highly recommend and look forward to using again on future projects.
I wholeheartedly endorse the Fibo System and wish the Sourcecorp team all the best in promoting it.

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