Family Bathroom, Norway

“With Fibo you can inspect the waterproof barrier, instead of discovering a leak when secondary damage has been done.” – Kevin Hægeland, Marketing Manager, Fibo

Project TypeResidential – Update Fibo with Fibo Décor after 30 Years!
RequirementsAesthetics, update old Fibo décor with new Fibo décor.
Waterproof solution.
Why Fibo?Proven system; originally installed in 1990.
Fibo ProductsMeton Grey.
Hidden internal corner.
OutcomeBathroom given modern facelift.  Old Fibo panels easily retrofitted with new Fibo panels.
Almost no deterioration noted on the old panels.
Framework and insulation behind the panels were pristine; like new.  Zero water ingress over 30 years.
CommentsIn 1990 Fibo was installed in the main bathroom of a family of five.  After 30 years and probably more than 30,000 showers the panels were updated with a new décor.  In removing the old panels, it was noted that the studwork and insulation were in mint condition; also there was virtually zero deterioration in the panels.
As a result, renovation costs were kept to a minimum.
Fibo wall panels are different to tiles in many ways.  In a wet room the most important difference is that with Fibo the waterproof membrane is part of the external finish.  Unlike traditional tiling where the waterproof barrier sits hidden behind the finish tile and grout layer.

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