ESTEC GmbH & Co. Ltd, POD Bathrooms – Germany

“The Fibo system has been very well received by our customers.” – Udo, Sales Manager

Project TypePOD Bathroom Manufacturer
RequirementsWaterproof wall lining
Efficiency in manufacture, must be simple and quick.
High quality and aesthetically attractive.
Why Fibo?Proven waterproof solution that has a long warranty.
Range of decors and visually appealing.
Hygienic and easy to clean.
Fibo ProductsDenver white with large format Fortissimo and Marcato tile designs.  Sahara feature wall with Marcato tile designs.  Decor selected by client.
Standard and hidden profiles.
OutcomeProduction optimised
Beautiful waterproof PODs.
Increase client requests for Fibo.
CommentsSince the Fibo system was new to us, the Fibo team gave us excellent installation training doing our first test installations. We have had no problems with the Fibo system so far and with more experience we have also been able to optimize our installation process.
The result has been so appealing that we now are building larger volumes with the Fibo system.  We are very optimistic about using Fibo in future projects.

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