De Wit Chalets – Netherlands

“A bathroom decorated with Fibo is less vulnerable during transport of the mobile homes, compared to traditional tiles which often crack.” Peter, Director/Owner, De Wit Chalets.” – Peter, Director/Owner, De Wit Chalets

Project TypeModular House Manufacturer
RequirementsLightweight waterproof wall lining.
Attractive design and quality finishes.
Why Fibo?Product quality and weight.
Installation method.
The product is aligned with our ecological ideals.
Fibo ProductsVarious, primarily Denver White with and without tile design.
Standard corner profiles.
OutcomeDe Wit Chalets have used Fibo since 2012.  Our use of Fibo has steadily increased as we have improved production efficiencies.  Fibo is now lower cost than tiling and faster.
Another benefit of Fibo was that one could walk away during the activities, to take up another chore. With traditional tiling this is not so easy, because you have to take into account the drying times of the materials. Yet another benefit of Fibo is that it can be applied dry and clean.
CommentsWhen we speak to clients who have been living in their homes for a while already, we often hear that Fibo is such an easy product to clean.
When client’s come by to have a look during the building process, we often get the following reaction: “Well, that’s been grouted neatly”.

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