Aurora Home – Poland

“Unlike tiles, which are more likely to become unstuck and damaged during transportation, a wall panel is a much safer choice and easy to install.” – Aurora Home

Project TypeEuropean Tiny House Builder
RequirementsWaterproof wall lining.
Light weight, environmentally friendly.
High quality finish with traditional bathroom look.
Durable, capable of withstanding movement.
Why Fibo?Product quality and weight.
Installation method.
The product is aligned with our ecological ideals.
Fibo ProductsVarious, primarily Denver White with and without tile design.
Standard corner profiles.
OutcomeFibo works well with our plywood lining systems and is easy to install.
Doesn’t crack or pop-out during transportation, making Fibo safer than tiles.
The result is an attractive high-quality bathroom.
CommentsThe Fibo wall system has proved to be a good choice for our mobile mini-homes.  It’s easy to fit, retains its quality and is appreciated by our customers for its design and practicality.

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