Aged Care Provider, Yarra Valley, Victoria

“Fibo doesn’t crack, withstanding the inevitable bumps and knocks from walkers or wheelchairs.” – Maintenance Manager

Project TypeEn-Suite Update, Aged Care Provider
RequirementsDurable and low clean cost.
Attractive décor, traditional looking bathrooms
Update of eight en-suite bathrooms.
Why Fibo?Hygienic and easy to maintain with fewer chemicals.
Toughness, ability to withstand knocks
Attractive and realistic tile look.
Fibo ProductsDenver white with Fortissimo tile designs. Feature walls using Milano Anthracite and Cracked Cement. Mix of hidden and 2-part corner profiles.
OutcomeQuickly installed on timber battens set over course masonry walls.
Each en-suite looks stylish and traditional.
Since installation in 2018, there has been a reduction in cleaning costs; less detergents and time to clean the Fibo bathrooms.
CommentsOur place is home for everyone of our residents. Moving from independent living into an aged care facility can be traumatic. For this reason, we don’t want our spaces to look like a hospital.
Wrapping the room in vinyl would be too clinical and using tiling in an aged care facility is not practical and usually costly. Our rooms need to be homely whilst remaining highly functional.
Fibo doesn’t crack and it withstands the inevitable knocks from walkers or wheelchairs.
Our cleaners use lower quantities of less noxious chemicals, which is good for all.

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